Kayla's Herb Garden  

Herbal Delight Beauty Products and More

Garden's Butter Creams

The ingredients that I will include is a  base of natural butters, essential oils and herbs. They are also used to naturally moisturize your skin including sensitive skin. 

Garden's Sugar/Salt Scrubs

The ingredients that I will use for my salt and sugar scrubs are herbs, essential oils, Himalayan sea salt and sugar.  They can naturally greatly improve the health of your skin.

Garden's Herbal Bath Teas 

The ingredients will include avast array of herbs that you can bathe in to compliment any occasions. I offer love tea bath bags along with serenity, happiness, peace , calmness, and tranquilit herbal bath tea bags. 

Garden's Essentials Attraction Roll On Oils & Sprays

A combination of attraction essentials oils and herbs for all attraction purposes from prosperity to love!

Garden's Rosewater Face Splash

The ingredients will include rose water with rose petals included. It will naturally tightens and tones the skin

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